Bykov : ” limitchik ” in Soviet times was not. In the CHL should be competition

  Former head coach of Russia Vyacheslav Bykov expressed his opinion about a bad speech the Russian team at the Olympics in Sochi.
– I would not like to throw in hot pursuit of someone stones . All distressed , this defeat is very painful for everyone who has to hockey in our country. But before we draw any conclusions , it is necessary to cool. And, speaking of his bad performance , do not forget that very well played rival. Once managed to score the first goal , I thought that attack our team finally burst , including in the majority, but this did not happen , largely due to a very organized and intelligent game Finns. As for who is to blame – will never slander something on FHR . In my opinion, you need after three Olympics without a medal look at the problem globally , – said Bykov.
He explained the problem of the Russian hockey , ” CHL develops , has a solid image in Europe , and it is noticed in North America. But it does not mean that we should close our eyes to what is happening at the bottom of our hockey . That have on children and youth level – there, where we draw reserves. Unable to add only improve without affecting basis . necessary to create a serious program of development of hockey in the country, to create a powerful reserve, and gradually – and fierce competition for a place in the national team of KHL . Now such, alas, is not visible. and for this we need new technologies and techniques , scientific approach . Perhaps it will take several years and will need to look around – who all delivered. But there is no doubt that the earth is for hockey talent rich , some diamonds appear. But all this must be displayed on a new system level . ”
– We have not only the richest country in natural resources , but also on the number of minds and scientific potential . And if you ask the right questions and the right to put tasks in a few years you can achieve serious progress . I talked about this a few years ago , for some time the same questions given Zinetula Bilyaletdinov . And he’s right for a place in the national team in our league should be much more intense competition ! To young people knocking on the clubs, and not book for her two artificial space. ” Limitchik ” in Soviet times was not!
In many clubs , including leading , played by five young players who made ​​their way there naturally. Now about this there is no question , and we are reaping the fruits of such a situation – said Bykov .

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Alexei Nemov held a charity evening

Four-time Olympic gymnastics champion Alexei Nemov gave a reception at the art center ” Vetoshny .” Stars gathered to participate in a charity “Friends of the big sports ” to support Russian athletes before the upcoming 2014 Olympic Games .
The main guests of the evening were the prominent German tennis player Boris Becker and renowned New Zealand rugby player Sean Fitzpatrick .
Stars of the sports world come to the capital at the invitation of four-time Olympic champion gymnast Alexei Nemov to participate in the charity event “Special Olympics” , which is held for young athletes with disabilities.
Becker, Fitzpatrick and Nemov – academics World Sports Academy Laureus, a charitable foundation which has supported the initiative to arrange for children Alexei real sports festival. Nemov, by the way – the only Russian athlete of the 46 members of the Academy of different countries.
In addition to the foreign guests at a reception attended by prominent Russian athletes : nine-time Olympic gymnastics champion Larisa Latynina , the world champion figure skater Maria Butyrskaya, world boxing champion Natalia Ragozin , a fighter and a State Duma deputy Alexander Karelin, a three-time Olympic champion in synchronized swimming , a member of the Council the Presidential Council on physical Fitness and Sports Maria Kiseleva , Olympic figure skating champion Tatiana Navka . Group of athletes was the president of the Russian Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov.

“Where is the hero of my novel? ” – Asked to appear on stage leading Elena Hanga . ” The hero of the novel” Alexei Nemov was already hurrying towards. ” Never read a piece of paper , and now so worried .” – Nemov apologized for a “cheat sheet ” .
Alexei told that for some time now is the chief editor of the magazine ” Great sport ” , rather than proud , and took to the stage of his fellow academics Boris Becker and Sean Fitzpatrick .
” Thanks to my friend Alex for the invitation , I’m happy to be in Moscow – said Becker. – Russia Today – is the most athletic country in connection with the upcoming Olympic Games. And today we played with the kids in soccer, volleyball and other games. Purpose , for which we have gathered , and we supported the Academy Laureus – charity . It is very important to help those who need us . ”
” Now, I want to invite to the scene of great people and to celebrate their achievements with prizes of our magazine ,” – said Nemov . On the stage Larisa Latynina , Natalia and Tatiana Navka Ragozin . Among the great hit and Alexander Zhukov . Alexei Nemov handed over bouquets and trophies – glass figurines , something resembling the Olympic torch.
“In our society, the athletes are treated like machines for the extraction of medals, and they are , above all, the people – took the floor Zhukov . – These are the activities that combine a sport and secular elements are very necessary for all of us .”
“Alex , thank you, that there are such events , I am proud that I – athlete , and my daughter plays sports . Everyone in the hall ! ” – Thanked for the award Navka . ” We have a lot of outstanding athletes who are worthy of this award ,” – added Rogozin.
” And I’m sure that if all the energy of our hearts , which is in this room come together – we just win at the Olympics ” – summarized Latynina .
While the ladies said Boris Becker tirelessly filmed legends of world sport on iPhone. ” Nine-time champion , is simply unthinkable . Latynina What looks awesome ! ” – He later shared his enthusiasms in a personal conversation . Tennis was very friendly , although beset its journalists.

” Now do not disperse , you all still waiting for a surprise ” – announced leading . As the curtain were trapeze artists , the benefit of a very tall ceiling art center in one of the buildings of the GUM allowed .
” It is a pity that he did not Nemov ” – the nail on the head joked one of the guests . Really sorry . By gymnasts claim no , but we have one Nemov .


” This is my best match on the bench coaching ” – admitted head coach Luc Holtz Luxembourgers after winning his charges over Northern Ireland. Still not the best ! Holtz led the national team at the end of 2010 , and with it she won in the previous qualifying campaign only once , taking the top two years ago over Albania – 2:1, but it’s still not an authority in football, as a representative of the British Isles .
The resounding success of which in the Grand Duchy remembered as a great achievement – a victory over Switzerland in Zurich (2-1) , which took place exactly five years ago to the day . As a result, FIFA World Cup 2010 ” Red Lions ” scored 5 points. They now have 6 , but there is still a meeting with Russia and Portugal.

– Sorry , woke up late : the World Cup did not get – joked the president of the national federation , Paul Philip , with tears of joy in his eyes. – But we did not finish the tournament in last place.

Joking aside, the Russians will meet Luxembourg in October , with the same number of points as Northern Ireland , and one point ahead of Azerbaijan . One consolation – will not play against us because of excessive yellow cards Aurelien Joachim , the formidable striker Dutch sex workers , who, after a goal against Akinfeev upset and severoirlandtsev . Due to the light ricochet he made a beautiful half volley from the edge of the box . So Joachim answered the ball Paterson , firmly upset us with his goal in the last month. Exact impact on the diagonal in the corner marked by Bensi , the journalists from the publication Luxemburger Wort recognized as the best player of the match , but in the end the winning goal pushed up close to the gate of visitors defender Janisch .

” Very upset when people seriously compare my performance and Cristiano Ronaldo. I spent for Portugal 60 matches and scored 41 ball , but on account of Cristiano has more than a hundred fights. However, I have never played against teams such as Liechtenstein or Azerbaijan ” .
Portuguese football legend Eusebio

The Russian national team won the World Cup qualifier in 2014 with a big score

After losing to Northern Ireland, the Russian team greatly complicated his way to first place in the group , but still remains the leader of the lost points . September 6 , Russians do not have to stumble : they play at home against outsider groups – a team of Luxembourg , which , however , in six games managed to take three points, having drawn twice with Azerbaijan and once – all with the same Northern Ireland.

The Russian national football team beat Luxembourg 4-1 in a qualifying match for the 2014 World Cup. The game took place in Kazan. The live broadcast of the match led the TV channel ” Russia 1″.

The first ball of Luxembourg team has scored in the first minute , Alexander Kokorin . After 35 minutes, Kokorin score a goal in the second time , and in the 60th minute, Alexander Kerzhakov scored the third goal. At the 90th minute, Aurelien played a ball , and in stoppage time to set the final score Alexander Samedov .

Playing a match was under threat because of the rain . The meeting was scheduled to start at 18:30 , Moscow time , but eventually the game started an hour late.

After the win over Luxembourg , Russians , scored 15 points in seven games , took the lead qualifying Group F European qualifying zone. In second place are the Portuguese, in which 14 credit points. Luxembourg with three points is the last , sixth place.

Vettel escaped puncture, but it did not save him


Spectacular British Grand Prix with a lot of punctures, overtaking problems favorites and breakthrough Mark Webber brought victory to Nico Rosberg.

Start of the British Grand Prix Formula 1 brought the situation as old as the world: again, something went wrong with Mark Webber, the Aussie has lost a lot of positions, and then another and slightly damaged his front wing in a collision course with Romain Grosjean. We partner Mark on “Red Bull” fared better: Vettel immediately ahead of Rosberg and fell in behind Hamilton. Sutil came in fourth place, Massa brilliantly broke the fifth.
Also worth noting is a great start Esteban Gutierrez, the move to the 13th place. Fernando Alonso started not the best way, but was then able to use the maximum first rounds: After overtaking Button and Grosjean Spaniard came on the eighth row.
The situation gradually stabilized and was as follows: Hamilton, Vettel and Rosberg kept relatively tight group, but no chance of overtaking and the use of DRS. Sutil “covered” trio from the rest, weight is not particularly trying to attack.
Everything turned on the eighth lap, when Hamilton went off the left rear wheel. And exploded into a very uncomfortable place of the route – the Briton a very long time trudging to the boxes, of course, losing a chance to fight for the victory.
As it turned out a few minutes later, the problems Lewis were harbingers of failure even for a number of riders. At the 10-lap kicked the bucket already tire on the car Weights, and the Brazilian also drove slowly to the mechanics. Further – more, the 15th round brought a burst tire on the car will be back! The Frenchman seems to be lucky – he accident happened right before the race in the pit lane, but as it turned out, the explosion resulted in damage to the machine, so that, in contrast to Hamilton and Massa, to finish the race pilot of the “Toro Rosso” is not reached.

Looking at these tire problems and saw a lot of scraps of tires or rather, the management issued a safety car race. The marshals were cleaning debris and tried to understand what causes damage to the wheels. His investigation was carried out and in teams. According to the radio traffic, the situation was the following: Critical damage left rear wheel appeared when it overheated and active attack curbs in the fourth and fifth corners. Accordingly, the riders were instructed to command bridges as possible to drive carefully in these rock sections of the route.
The next victims were the representatives from the tires, “Sauber”. Hulkenberg got off a little blood – it was only a slow puncture. But Gutierrez was already the fourth, who is the wheel that exploded. We believe the whole week before the German Grand Prix tire is a favorite topic in Formula 1 …
Well enough about the tires, let’s talk about the position of the riders. After the set back Hamilton took the lead Vettel, Rosberg was behind him. Sutil long flaunted on the third line, but in the “Force India” delayed to the second pit stop, and after returning to the track German found himself behind Raikkonen, Alonso and returned in the early cooperate for Webber. Mark, by the way, there is still ahead of Alonso.
Rosberg was not going to give up in a dispute over the victory, trying to close the gap to Vettel. The riders showed roughly the same pace, and it seemed that Seb still hold the top spot, but ten laps to go, “Red Bull” and took the German lost power – Vettel had to park the car right on the starting line …
You can not say that the car was just too dangerous, but on the track reappeared seyfti car. Using this, the pit stops had Rosberg, Webber, Massa, Grosjean and di Resta. In this case, we can say that Nico was lucky: according to some sources, he had a problem with one of the wheels, so maybe in the pits would have to go anyway.
Everyone expected that after the resumption of racing in combat mode jerk forward Webber. This is what happened: The Aussie was rapidly Rikkiardo and Sutil, coming in third place. The pilot of “Red Bull” began to put pressure on Raikkonen racers waged a stubborn struggle and beautiful, and it was the winner of the Australian. Well, certainly after the race Kimi again Polyubopytstvuyte, why he was not invited to the pit stop.
Ahead of the rider, “Lotus”, Webber and Rosberg pulled behind victory. But there it was: the driver of “Mercedes” in turn inflated rate. Mark was still a little faster, but he did not have a couple of laps to even begin to attack the opponent’s position. Rosberg kept ahead and brought a “Mercedes” victory!
But Raikkonen did not hold and the third place. On stale tire Finn skipped ahead and Alonso and Hamilton, who in moving up really helped out two safety car. The same can be said about finishing sixth Felipe Massa.
Sutil and Rikkiardo, two heroic representative of the average people, in the end took the seventh and eighth positions. Paul di Resta after starting from 21 th place was the ninth, well, closed the top ten Nico, bringing “Sauber” unexpected points.

And what about the “McLaren”? Perez and Button could well finish in the points, but Checo became another victim of the explosion and then the wheels came off in the pits. And Jenson suddenly lost pace under the finish the race and fell back to 13th position, behind even the two ‘Williams’. Still another problem with some of the leaders – and the team from Grove was able to score points in the Jubilee Grand Prix but no luck. As for unexpected problems before the finish, they come upon more and Grosjean, who finished the race in the pits.
In the battle of outsiders Charles Pic control of the situation the entire race and finished 15th, ahead of Bianchi, Chilton and van der Garde, who lost to Max at the finish line less than one-tenth of a second! But still lost.

Very eventful turned this race! All of us will have something to discuss the next phase in Germany. Yes, and intrigue in the standings got a second wind.

Italy better than Spain. Almost …


Dramatic semi-final match of the Confederations Cup was won by Spain over Italy in a penalty shootout.

The Italian press knows everything. At least on the national team. Even two days before the semifinal match of the Confederations Cup Italian sources reported tactical reshuffle, which, according to the Cesare Prandelli had to tie down midfield action Spaniards. The official line-up of Italians came in line with the version of the press: the team went on to play three central defenders, the functions of the lateral had to perform Giaccherini and Maggio, Marchisio and Candreva from the position of insiders – to support Gilardino, who replaced at the point of attack of the main center-forward Balotelli.

The composition of the Spanish national team did not bring big surprises. No matter how dark in the pre-match press conference, Vicente del Bosque, it was obvious that the place of the gate will be entrusted to Casillas. Returned to the starting lineup as Fernando Torres, although given the injury Soldado is difficult to judge, was compelled to take this step or the coaching staff Spaniards had originally planned to use the first minute striker, who scored against Italy two goals in last year’s final Euro.

Two hours before the game from Italy I received the sad news that at the age of 49 years died, the former striker of “Milan” and “Fiorentina” Stefano Borgonovo. By reason of which developed after a career of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, he was paralyzed for a long time. The causes of the disease has not been established, but the press claimed that an incurable disease provoked illegal drugs, without the knowledge of the players were used in some of the clubs in Serie A. In memory of Borgonovo Italian football team came out for the match with black armbands.

Starting segment confirmed banal abstracts head coaches that the team will try to use their strengths. The Spanish took control of the ball, as their opponents began to build bastions at the gate, trying to organize a quick counter-attack case. In the first quarter of an hour the Italians managed to carry out his plan, but their impacts one and all proved to be inaccurate.

The first real scoring chance presented itself Maggio, who responded to a long pass from deep, but his header parried by Casillas. A minute later, De Rossi has already hit his head after a pass from Pirlo – the ball went just over the bar. Catch courage Italians had another exemplary attack, in which Giaccherini style Iniesta beat two opponents and turned on the shock position Marchisio struck his head, but again was not accurate.

The Spaniards also extract dividends of possession failed. In the middle of the field of practical jokes practically nothing prevented, but once they get closer to the penalty Buffon, as they covered two waves of defenders. In this case, three defenders were located about ten meters away from the gate, and the other players, except for Gilardino – on the edge of the box.

Only once in the entire first half Italian defense gave serious setback when Torres, winning one in a Barzagli, beat protivohod Buffon, but missed the shot. A minute before another sure had a chance to open a ubiquitous Maggio, who again received the ball behind the back of the opponent’s defense, but his shot straight at the goalkeeper.

At the end of the first half of the “Azzurri” surpassed opponents, but in a break in its structure have been replaced: instead of Barzagli in the field appeared Montolivo. Most likely, the change was forced because the Italians did not change the strategic balance. They continued to play under the scheme three defenders: the place of the Central de Rossi pulled back, and Bonucci has shifted to the right. A few minutes later the Spaniards made the first change: output pronounced wingers Jesus Navas in place to get lost David Silva testified del Bosque effort to broaden the front of attack.

Spanish coach has also made certain adjustments to the actions of the defensive line, because after the break, “Azzurro” were less likely to find a free zone for the development of the attacks. However, the Italians rarely able to create tension at the gate Kasilsa. One such moment was the goal from close range Marchisio, who at the time blocked the Peak.

20 minutes before the final whistle in the bowl of the stadium “Castellane” finally came down cool, but the players have already used the basic amount of strength, so the pace of the game remained low. At this point, the team finally turned the tables. The Spaniards were closed for a long time on their own half of the field, and “Azzurro”, accompanied by shouts of “ole”, played the ball in search of scoring chances. However, in the end, “Red Fury” took the initiative, carried out several attacks, and as a bonus awarded a dangerous free kick. Xavi Ramos will trace the transfer, but at the last moment trajectory of the ball slightly changed the head grew out of the ground de Rossi.

Showdown shifted to overtime, though, I’m sure, whether the teams have the right to choose, they immediately agreed to a series of penalties, as the forces in the unbearable heat and humidity of Fortaleza do but neither one nor the other. Before the start of extra time Prandelli has used the last change, instead of releasing Giovinco injured Gilardino. The Spaniards responded by replacing Xavi Torres Martinez, thus going to the game with the “false nine” – without a net frontline.

This role could easily perform Pique, who after drawing a penalty shot goal from close range, but eliminated the threat to throw the ball under De Rossi. He also passed the ball from the free kick after a canopy Spaniards when defensive orders “Azzurro” began to give holes. However, at the opposite gate moments also occur. That only is a powerful shot Giaccherini, after which the helpless Casillas saved by boom! In the second half, the woodwork has already played for the Italians when the ball from the glove Buffon, hardly reflecting the impact Xavi hit the post. In overtime, the Spaniards looked sharper, but Mata and Jesus Navas his chances are not properly disposed of.

The winner had to learn in a penalty shootout. History repeated itself five years ago when the Spaniards in the quarterfinals of the Euro were luckier in the postgame lottery. At the pre-match press conference Buffon asked about the meeting in the context of what it is to win over the then world champions, having overcome a psychological barrier, the Spaniards began their winning cycle. “Perhaps you can, and also to interrupt?” – Buffon this question at a press conference left unanswered.

Unfortunately for the Italians, the answer was negative on the field. Leonardo Bonucci smeared seventh attempt to Italy, breaking above the gate. Spain won again, although the Italians in general, have achieved their goal, which on the eve of Buffon said: they showed that is not worse than the current world champions and Europe. Almost as good …

Serena Williams got a black mark on Lisicki


About Lisicki sensational victory over Serena Williams,

After the traditional Sunday pause Wimbledon in the same traditionally goes all the matches eighth finals in one day. True, there were times when, due to rain the organizers did not have time to spend all single matches the first three rounds in six days, but even then the Middle Sunday, that is, the middle of the tournament Sunday, almost always remained non-player. During the existence of only three times Wimbledon situation with the weather in the first week was so bad that we had to do that day game – in 1991, 1997 and 2004. The probability of matches in Middle Sunday existed in 2007, when due to the rains, some fights (for example, Rafael Nadal vs Robin Söderling) stretched for three or four days, but in connection with a major concert in that same Sunday holding tennis games were to be dangerous . It is clear that such a tradition robs Wimbledon of income – the weekend crowd, anyway, going more than on weekdays. But to be honest, it’s nice to see the preservation of Middle Sunday during the almost universal commercialization.

BLACK LABEL FROM Lisicki Wimbledon

But back to Monday, all the more so that this day was quite eventful. It seemed, at this Wimbledon nothing can truly surprise – too many sensations occurred in the first week. However, the place was no sensation of hands. Sabine Lisicki had created it, which is just right to award a nickname like “curse champions of Paris.” German for the fifth time I arrived at Wimbledon and the fourth consecutive met here with the current champion “Roland Garros”. In 2009, she was the third round in straight sets defeated Svetlana Kuznetsova. In 2010, Sabine missed Wimbledon because of injury, and in 2011, Li Na won with a score of 8:6 in the deciding set. At last year’s Wimbledon Maria Sharapova Lisicki stopped taking her revenge for the defeat in the semi-finals in 2011, and now has managed to dislodge itself Serena Williams. Note that all the champions “Roland Garros” at the time of the meeting with Lisicki in London is in the top 5, and Sharapova and Williams all were the first racket of the world.

Serena Williams out of the race

Despite the significance of achieving Sabina is worth noting that Serena spent the match on an unusually low level for himself, admitting for the first and the third party’s 23 unforced errors (in this case the second set Williams made no mistake never – at any rate, unforced). However, the first game advantage on the American side. It is better supplied and received, though, in long rallies Lisicki is stronger but because they still had to be able to reach. In three games in a row at Williams were break-points, but in the decisive moments of German acting cool. Sabine itself with the score 2-1 also managed to tie the fight at the reception – and then when Serena was able to escape, then two games later, she suddenly made mistakes, and Lisicki led to the break dancing. Moreover, at 5-2 in his favor German made a break at zero! It was only the third set, losing to Williams in the last four tournaments.

In the second game, however, Serena break the course of the match. She seems to be mad at yourself in the mood for the fight and began to play much better. The American took three games in a row under a zero before Sabina began offering any resistance. But this time, Williams was much better prepared to act rival and eventually issued the “hidden steering wheel”, winning the set 6-1. In the deciding Serena also immediately went into the lead, and she made a break with the 40:0 (though at the reception it twice in a row helped rope).

Only when the score was 0-3 Lisicki managed to break losing streak of nine games – but at the moment it seems that it is already too late. It was hard to imagine that catch the rhythm of the game Williams will miss the advantage. But Sabine this game, seems to have regained confidence. It is with new forces joined in the fight, made a break from 40:15 – and even losing immediately after filing it does not hit. German immediately again played well at the reception, not allowing Serena to take any points from the game, and then made a small feat – starting from the saved triple break-point, which also is a triple match point hidden. And judging by the way Williams has played in the next game, then she shook hands. The first racket of the world were allowed one mistake after another and completed its filing inaccurate smash. Feeding the match, slightly narrower and became nervous Lisicki, to double after the first unrealized match points. However, Sabine immediately filed a bleed, and then in a beautiful drawing of a protracted match points in the second completed the match in their favor.

After that fell on the German court and burst into tears of happiness. Do not hold back the tears Sabina and early flash interview: “I am very happy! Serena has played very well, it is incredibly difficult opponent. I am happy that I could win. The audience were very supportive of us. I adore this court. ” In the quarterfinals, Lisicki will meet with Kiai Kanepi. Estonian destroyed the hopes of the British, in two sets of persistent beating Laura Robson – 7:6 (8:6), 7:5. Note that Laura has not filed for the first game, and then lost the tie-break 5-2 in their favor.

Abramovich owns “Chelsea” for 10 years


June 30 marked 10 years since the purchase of Roman Abramovich “Chelsea”. “” recalls the key decisions of the Russian oligarch.

This step Abramovich and his team can not be underestimated. Kenyon was the main nerve center of all financial transactions and transactions that have occurred, “Manchester United”. It was through his successful action “MJ” signed a lucrative contact with Nike, as well as on good terms extended his contract with Vodafone. When it finally stabilized the financial situation in the “United”. Kenyon was called a genius of football management – he always knew exactly how to act, to ultimately stay in the black. Such a person is able to entice Abramovich, and I think he did not regret about it.

In the “Chelsea” Kenyon was the main speaker in the face of the club due to the fact that Abramovich has avoided the press. With the blue Kenyon managed to crank out a lot of smart trades, he helped persuade the switch to “Chelsea” Jose Mourinho, and then Ashley Cole.

The aggressive expansion strategy, advocated by Kenyon in “Chelsea”, based on the priority development of the American and Asian markets. In 2008, as part of a tour of Asia, “Chelsea” spent about a week with performances in China. In addition, in collaboration with China’s largest portal, Sina, was running a version of the website of the club “Chelsea” in Chinese. In the U.S., Kenyon signed an agreement with AEG, which owns several stadiums and football clubs. Under the terms of this agreement, “Chelsea” has played a series of friendly matches in the United States. Kenyon managed to make the “Chelsea” is quite a popular club among American audiences. Evidence of success is, for example, that during a tour of the U.S. in 2010 were sold out all the tickets for the games of “Chelsea”.

As for the commercial success of the “Chelsea”, then in 2004 its revenue was 220.8 million pounds, and the club finished fourth in the ranking of the richest football clubs in the world according to Deloitte.

After five and a half years, Kenyon still left the “Chelsea”. At the end of his career in the London club Kenyon has gone too far, made a lot of ill-considered statements made crazy contracts with Lampard and Ballack. But all the same benefits of “Chelsea”, he brought incomparably greater.

The signing of Jose Mourinho

As we have said, Kenyon took part in the signing of Jose Mourinho, who had just won the Champions League with the “Port”. And in London, the Portuguese left a bright trail, stole fans, won multiple championships and cups, but made it to the Champions League again after being fired from “Chelsea” – in Milan “Inter”. Even the blue won a major European tournament without Mourinho, although it was a much stronger team. Nevertheless, the decision of Abramovich, and behind him the last word, it should be noted. Russian tycoon criticized precisely for dismissal of Portuguese. Abramovich will correct his mistake a few years later.

Transfers Drogba and Cech

In the summer of 2004 “Chelsea” was able to get players who over the years have forged the glory of the club. Abramovich never skimp, but do not always manage to get it to a point. But then “retired” got hold of two players from the French, who in general have become legends of the club – for 37 million euros in “Marcel” was purchased by Didier Drogba, a 13 million euro was paid “Renn” for Petr Cech. Maybe you should not take to tell how accurate those purchases, albeit at a time it was thought that Abramovich has overpaid for the Ivorian.

Disposed Arnesen from under his nose, “Tottenham”

The tactics that allowed “Chelsea” to get Kenyon, and worked a little later, when the “retired” poached sporting director “Tottenham” Frank Arnesen. Earlier Arnesen helped to reveal talent Ronaldo, Van Nistelrooy, Robben, was considered a guru in the business. But in “Chelsea”, he could not express themselves. In its submission for a lot of money has been acquired Kalou and Mikel, but neither one nor the second did not become superstars. And it had a blue list “spurs” of about 8 million pounds for the transition Arnesen. I think, for none of the athletic director, and no one ever did not pay so much.

Buying Andriy Shevchenko

46 million euros Abramovich has invested in the purchase of Andriy Shevchenko. Ukrainian funds invested in it is not justified. Did not catch it in London. But the most interesting thing is that after a few years of Abramovich will repeat the mistake …

Buy Fernando Torres

Well what else to add? For Torres, Abramovich paid 58.5 million euros. None of the seasons spent in the “Stamford Bridge”, Fernando did not play even 15 million That’s so expensive cost Abramovich whim daughter, who was desperate for the Spaniard played for “Chelsea”.

The dismissal of Ray Wilkins

Probably, and Abramovich now be able to tell you why he sacked Ray Wilkins, who was named the best assistant coach. Wilkins was the favorite of players and fans, through his veins flowed the blood of the blue. Carlo Ancelotti after his victory in the Premier League with “Chelsea” said Wilkins, he would not have achieved nothing. But Abramovich rashly decided to dismiss it Ray during one of the home games. Stay Wilkins on the team, maybe then would not have to lay off Villas-Boas.

Invitation Andre Villas-Boas

It is difficult to clearly assess the invitation Andre Villas-Boas. It is undoubtedly a talented specialist, much like Jose Mourinho, but he still does not Special One. And to “Stamford Bridge” he gets a little. Perhaps if he were given more time … But when you become a head coach Superclub, it should be ready for any scenario. Abramovich was trying to make up for the loss of Mourinho, but maybe he should have been back then, Jose, so this transition as a disadvantage boss “Chelsea”.

Appointment of Roberto Di Matteo

I do not know how much thought Abramovich over the invitation Di Matteo, but with the arguments of his subordinates, he agreed. As a result, Di Matteo won for “Chelsea” Champions League, has achieved what so long dreamed of a club owner. However, even such a phenomenal victory has not prevented Abramovich in a short time to get rid of Coach Roberto. Fans of “Chelsea” long angry with the club boss, because he then still called Benitez. The fire was put out only after the adoption of the following resolution.

The return of Jose Mourinho

Neither coach after The Special One could not stay long in the “Chelsea”. Pushed around by searching the right coach among the top professionals, Abramovic returned to its particular variant. With the new season at the helm will be blue again, Jose Mourinho, who was in love with fans of the club, and in the Premier League on it already bored. Legend “Chelsea” Ron Harris expressed his attitude to the return of Jose: “The fans will be very happy, so that should be praised by Roman Abramovich for the fact that he returned to Him.”

Pirelli’s Paul Hembery says they are changing tyres to benefit the majority of teams

Pirelli’s Paul Hembery has told Sky Sports News that it was their decision to modify tyres for the Canadian Grand Prix in the interests of the majority of teams.

The Italian company announced on Tuesday that it would introduce more durable tyres in time for next month’s race in Montreal in response to Sunday’s Spanish Grand Prix, which was criticised for its total of 82 pit stops.

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Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso won the race after making no fewer than four stops – more than Pirelli aim to induce – while World Champion and current leader Sebastian Vettel struggled with his car’s tyres on the way to fourth place.

Vettel’s team, Red Bull, have been critical of Pirelli’s tyres so far this season but Hembery said the decision to make a change came after taking all of the teams into account.

“In terms of (Red Bull Team Principal) Christian Horner, I think we’ve spoken for about five minutes on this subject,” he said. “It’s really a Pirelli decision; we have to look at all the teams and the situation as we see it going forward and that’s the basis for the decision.”

While some teams like Red Bull and notably Mercedes have struggled to make the tyres work, others like Ferrari and Lotus have fared better – something Hembery acknowledged.

“You’re not going to please everybody and that’s a factor. People will point out Lotus and Ferrari and say that, from their point of view, things are OK,” he said.

“But Red Bull have still won two races this year and are leading the Championship. So they haven’t been doing too badly, even with the current product.

Hembery stressed: “We have to make a decision based on the data we acquire from all 11 teams. Of course, you may get a team that will prefer an approach more than another. But we try and take, let’s say, the most neutral approach to making our decisions so it’s best for the majority.”

Pirelli hope the fact the new tyre will have a construction similar to last year’s means that teams are better able to react to the change.

The 2012 tyre had stiffer sidewalls, which caused its shape to change slightly less under aerodynamic loads than its successor.

“We’re going to give teams a lot more data tomorrow,” Hembery said. “We’re finalising the precise specification. Really, it’s a little bit of a mix of what we’ve been using this season and some of the structural stuff we had last season – which will help minimise the impact for the teams.

“As you can imagine, there’s a lot of work to be done on aerodynamics and tyres can impact on that – the way they deform – so teams will be keen to have that data asap so they can all start working towards Canada.

He added: “From an aero point of view, that can have an impact. That’s why we’d like to give them something that they’ve used a little bit in the past – so they’ve already got some data.

“It’s also probably as well the way the compounds will work with the car: they’ll be less aggressive from some points of view which will slightly modify the strategy of how they use the tyres during the race.”

Wayne Rooney set to captain England against Republic of Ireland

Wayne RooneyRoy Hodgson has revealed that he is poised to hand Wayne Rooney the England captaincy.

The striker has endured a turbulent time after handing in a transfer request at Manchester United, but he is now the front-runner to lead England out in their Wembley friendly against the Republic of Ireland on 29 May.

With regular skipper Steven Gerrard sidelined following shoulder surgery, Hodgson is likely to give Rooney the armband ahead of Chelsea pair Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole.

“He knows he is right up there,” said Hodgson. “He has captained England once for me, at home to San Marino.

“I know he enjoyed that experience and I am pretty sure there are times when he will captain England again.”
Roy Hodgson

“I know he enjoyed that experience and I am pretty sure there are times when he will captain England again.”

Hodgson also hopes Rooney’s future will be sorted out sooner rather than later after his transfer request was rejected by United.

“There are rumours circulating about whether he wants a move and if Manchester United are prepared to sell him,” added the England boss.

“I am not prepared to start making public statements about what I think is best for him.

“It’s a matter for Wayne and Manchester United. I’m sure it will all get sorted between them. As far as I am concerned, it’s about what he does for England.”

Hodgson is also confident that Rooney will remain fully focused on England despite the impending birth of his second child.

“I was concerned but Wayne was at great pains to assure me that he was really looking forward to playing for England and it’s something that’s at top of his agenda,” said Hodgson.

“That’s enough for me. I’ve no reason to doubt him.”

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